End of Semester 1

So the fall semester of Fall 2012 is basically over. Just final assignments and final exams left and the first semester is all finished up. I have learned a lot in this semester and hope to continue to learn and build my knowledge from here on out. I also look forward to researching and learning about new technologies that can be incorporated into my future classroom. I kind of wish this class was later in my university time, say right before my internship and I would be as familiar with the new technologies as I am today from ECMP 355. The reason for this is because we all know how fast technology is changing. But networking with fellow students and researching on my own to find new technologies is part of the business and I look forward to it!  So thank you ECMP 355!! It’s been a slice!

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KHS 232

So I am in KHS 232 rhythmic and dance class here at the University of Regina and since I have no blog for that class but I do for this one I thought I would share with you for a good laugh. Very funny and cute!

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Technology Teaching Resources

Just a list of some some cool resources we learned about in class today for teachers and incorporating technology.

Class Dojo



Slide Rocket

-Teacher Tube

-Teachers pay Teachers

– Mind Mapping program called MindMeister


– Play Spent

Key Boarding Practice

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Tech Task #7

When surfing blogs I noticed a lot of amazing content within the blogs. I know and I can relate to this is that sometimes you can forget or at the very least put aside the refurbishing and posting to the blog and then it becomes less interesting and less viewed by peers. But with say for example Ms. Cassidy’s classroom blog she has her own and her students blogs to continue to update. I think it’s incredible the amount of work Ms. Cassidy puts into her own blog and the work into her students. I also think it is a great idea as for her to provide internet resources for family and friends of the students to be able to research and observe as their school year progresses. I think it is very evident the amount of work that goes into a blog just by the posts and the quantity towards the posts more than the quality. That’s not saying quality isn’t important but I think that understanding your posts is very important. I noticed a lot of creativity and the organization of the blog that is most important and eye catching to me. Regarding to blogs that aren’t so well done because in my opinion there really isn’t a bad blog. I mean to a degree you can have just despicable blogs but at the same time you have to give some credit that they are incorporating technology into a portfolio or writing source. I think that lack of organization and confusing blogs with direction and lack of contribution would be my ideas for blog that lacks the important qualities.

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ECMP 355 Major Project

So I have been absent from this blog for 12 days now. There is a reason and I do have regrets about not coming on here and not posting more frequently. I have thought of it believe me I have, and I know that when the time comes that when I am a teacher and I have a website for my students’ parents to visit and research what we are learning and what is for homework etc. I am going to need to be updating more frequently. Otherwise what is the point, a website will begin to be forgotten about if the viewer never sees anything different or updated. That’s part of life really, anything will be forgotten if whats supposed to be there is different and interesting material but not updated frequently. So my excuse for my lack of posts the last while is the ECMP 355 Major Project. I have been working on it for quite some time and feel confident that I am finished. Below is the link to the project I created. I compiled it all into a Prezi Production so all of my lesson plans, unit plan and technology uses in the classroom are included within the production. Just click the link and you should be off and running. If this link does not work (which it should work) I have also posted it to my blog on the side bar. You can just click that too and you should be able to see my Major Project. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for taking the time to watch it if you do.

ECMP 355 Major Project Link

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ECS 100

This is a video we watched in ECS 100 class learning about White Privilege. It is very good as Tim Wise the person in the video connects History events of whit supremacy and present events. Kind of mind blowing. Just thought I would share.

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US Election 2012

I am obviously Canadian and I cannot control the American Election, but I am kind of a political nut and it interests me. But going on tonight as we do our class at the convenience of our own home it is incredible to see the different uses of technology by the  CNN, FOX, CBS news stations. They are using what looks like modified or a different version of a smart board and just the way everything is presented looks so cool. Just a reflection and thoughts during class in my living room which is pretty cool. Guess I have the formation of this class today as online groups via Skype and Adobe to thank to be able to see this. Thanks ECMP 355!

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